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What We Do

Honoring Life

Honoring the achievements of your loved ones and celebrating the life you shared together are the cornerstones of healing after loss.  Yes, you can have a viewing. Yes, you can have a service.FEMA to Help Pay Funeral Costs for COVID-19-Related Deaths  Learn More

It's All about the Relationship

Honoring the life of your loved one means you value the relationship you shared. During this COVID 19 Pandemic how can you do this while maintaining physical distancing?  We can help you sort out how to celebrate that special bond, and honor the individual you lost both now and later when we can come together as a community again.  Together we will create fitting and memorable tributes.  Contact us today to discuss the possibilities.

Tribute Videos

Your family photographs are skillfully blended with wonderful graphic images and music, to create an elegantly emotive cinematic video. It can be an integral part of any funeral or memorial service. After the ceremony, the video is sure to become a treasured family keepsake. And, we can make copies as gifts for family and friends.

Memorial Websites

During this COVID 19 emergency we’ll create a Memorial Website for you at no charge..   Celebrate, share memories, and pictures on line. Connect with family and friends in a way that honors all life by maintaining  physical distancing during this pandemic and gives you power to celebrate connections, honor a life, and record the love you shared NOW on line while waiting for the time you can gather all together in person for a funeral or memorial service..

We’ve taken the concept further than anyone else. Our memorial sites are not just a repository of family photos and videos; they’re Web 2.0 tools for connecting with family and friends.  It’s one way we can help you celebrate a life, share your feelings, and tell your story.  

Learn More about Honoring Your Loved One

You knew your loved one better than anyone else. We’ve got the experience and a legacy that stretches back more than 150 years. Together, we’ll design the perfect memorial or funeral service for your loved one. Have more questions about COVID19 and funerals  Learn More     If you're ready to discuss the options, or simply have questions about our services, please call us at (808) 254-6222, or send us an email inquiry.  We can do all the arrangements virtually.